Oil on Paper / Painting & drawing

researching and reversing the process of silkscreen printing in various techniques and
sequences lead to this series for now called punctum.

Working with a self built archive of nature and forests, I manipulated photograpic 
footages, we see printing templates on thick and thin cotton paper, with the 
commonly known dots per inch on print outs. Which is customary to this particular 
printing method, and cleary visible when looked at closey.

I combined all this with drawing and oil painting, a foundation in contrast to the logic
of social mechanisms and the perception of images.
Through that process of experimenting and putting chaos into a usually strict orderly procedure
of silkscreen printing, I try to change it by somewhat putting it upside down, to look for chains of associations
and projections, somewhat to a non-fictional story (photographs) , orchestrate a fictional story.


oil on paper, 134x160cm, 2023/2024

oil on paper, 160x126cm, 2023/2024

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