A few thoughts on the current state of the work of Funda

Losing touch with Nature, means for me losing touch with humanity

Funda studied Fine Arts at Crawford College of Art and Design in Ireland and has earned her Diploma at the UDK, Universität der Künste, Berlin. In 2014 she also became a master student of Dr. phil. Hito Steyerl.

Her works can be interpreted as a critical confrontation on current social structures and life’s course.
That is the reason why she focuses on socio political, ontological and existential issues in context of human condition against modern society and nature.

In this sense, at first, she is interested in hierarchical relations and attitudes within devoted social layers. On the other hand, she searches for answers on how to represent a new perception on social progress visually and how this transformation can be painted.
Her compositions consist of contrasts and conflicts,
Funda shows her belief of the deep relationship between art and life. Her works’ unique characteristic show themselves in collage techniques and as in the conceptual manner, hybrid structures.

Her characters are sometimes portrayed as half human half flower or half human-half animal, the synthesis of human, animal and plant. By highlighting ecologic importance of humanist ideas, she criticizes the world’s current condition. In her works, the artist seeks for reality directly by wandering between paintings, sketches, silkscreen printing and new media.

Marcus Graf

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