Fading in and out Silkscreenprint Edition

Edition 10/2Ap


black and white silkscreen prints show a hissing fox, kissing meerkats, horses fighting, a dead rhino with a cut off horn and soldiers. Going from regular grey shadows to darker and lighter tones, seeing the change in transition to go almost black and white. Revealing the state cycle of Anger, fading between maddened and peaceful. Love, Capitalism and War. Showing opposites in contrast of black and white colors. Visualizing a status of being angry looked at on the contrary, among other things, a environmental aspect, is social affiliation.

The functionality of anger is to establish boundaries, hierarchies and divisions in collectives in opposition of emotions of social affiliation, harmonizing and connecting individuals within social groups with empathy and attachment.

Fear the emotion of anger is based on an instinctive urge to attack.
Forgiveness and kindness is argued to be a counterpart of anger.

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