Animal Spirits 1.0 

Edition 10/2AP




Starting point of my human animal series was a series of  film archive found in Istanbul of black and white photographs of film scenes, postcards and movie posters. I combined parts of animal bodies and played with identities and automated attributions within our perception towards humanity, social classes and fauna realted affections. 

As humans we adapt to our environment to a certain extent, in addition to our instinct, we imitate, take things sibconsciously and adapt certain aspects of lifestyle, styles in general and ways of speaking, being, behavious, arrangements and promotions. Mixing all these 
characteristics togehter lead to a visual language creating something bizarre, strange to the point of harmony and even absurd beathy.

On one hand we see remarkable ironic beauty filled with harmony in the composition and on the other hand violence with the film scene realted later works of art on canvas.
The body and gender playes, amongst opther aspects, a significant role that goes beyond the figurative meaning, animalistic sequences in constannt change. Showing contrasts, and somewhat naive interaction with each other. The collages led to excerpts in a broader sense,
to combine later with animal spirits 2.0 & 3.0, painting and drawinng. Where sections will be omitted, chanfed and replaced. The extreme blow up-formats of 3.0 show the strict thick clear character of hard strokes and markmaking. This effect of extreme superpositioning, juxtaposing and mainly repetitions of markmaking which are not exactly the same have produced a 3D result, where the respresentation that are found in detail, and choas have found a disorderly system within themselves.


                        exhibition view Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

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