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large scale outside projection of a collapsing building
Video , 1.14 min, 2014 

A collapsing/imploding new building as a Video-loop
projected on to the opposite outside Wall of M3 Kunst-
halle in Berlin. The Studio Buildings and the Kunsthalle
were sold to private Investors.

Through experienced termination independent artist houses
gathered. The Initiation of a new group called AbBA,
emerged recently with 11 artist houses, 500 artists so
far. Atelierhaus Mengerzeile was saved.

The shown AFE Building in Frankfurt / Main was a 116
meter high Tower of the Goethe University, included the
Departments of pedagogy, social science and
phycology, finished in 1972, empty in 2013 and finally
blown up 2014.
A Space for critical Social research, were Students and
teachers in the 70 ?s were accompanied by a revolutionary
upheaval within Society during that time and within the
University System.
However the Building itself was partially misconstruc-
ted and unsave, which lead to many floors were being shut
down, later on and the elevators were frequently out of
service. In 2005 a staff member was killed by an elevator