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Eat or be eaten  

Numerous studies in animal ethology have  pointed out that an emphasis on competition is one sided since relationships within and between species are also characterised by symbiosis, cooperation and also compassion.

Animals rarely kill except in hunger or self-defence. When they threaten it is precisely for the sake of avoiding combat.
When animals eat, they transfer energy derived from bacteria into another organism but in the process also feed numerous organisms living inside them.
They themselves form part of larger ecosystems that are more fluid and interdependent.

Where did things go wrong in evolutionary reference to the brutality that characterises relationships between non-human animals. How will species respond to human disturbances in food cycle structure.  Who is eating whom at the end? A study of paintings through expressionist and abtract research, which wont be concluded with answers, yet is feeding itself by finding and searching for a conclusion.  There is no clear answer or narrative.  It is more of a search through painting, drawing and mark making.